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How to have Debt Settlement Success

A debt settlement client gets out of their debt program what they put in. Joining a debt relief company as a means to relinquish all responsibility and control of your debts is not only ineffective, but can leave consumers in a worse place than when they started.

If you’re serious about settlement, we’ve listed some of the keys to a successful process here, regardless of what company you choose. Read carefully—these could save you thousands of dollars and months in the program. Financial freedom is possible—let us help.

Know the process

Understanding what debt settlement is and how it works is key to maintaining peace of mind and confidence in the process. It takes several months of collecting drafts before settling even becomes an option. This method of debt relief is not a quick fix, but a thorough and real solution. Pay attention and give it time.

Pick the right company.

Federal regulations have weeded out many scammers, but unfortunately in this field there are still debt relief companies out there without your best interests in mind. Like any major purchase, shopping around, comparing prices and researching your options before making a commitment will greatly reduce your chances of signing up for a dud.

Keep up with your drafts.

Sacrifice determines success. Not every consumer has the determination and willingness to successfully resolve their debt in this way. Your MSR will help you come up with a realistic draft goal, but it’s up to the client to stay on top of it. Saving draft skips for the months when it’s truly a necessity allows us to continue settling credit card debt for you most efficiently and affordably.

Make sacrifices.

Like we've said before, debt settlement is not meant to be the quick fix or easy way out. It is a moral and thorough way out of debt, and it takes sacrifice and dedication. Living within your means, sticking to a budget and choosing to say no to unnecessary expenditures will be the fastest and most fruitful approach to the program.

Stay in communication.

Accounts often change hands, creditors make offers and situations change. It’s important that you keep your debt settlement company informed and up-to-date with information from your creditors, and make yourself available to them. We won’t take a settlement without the client’s approval—which is hard to get if we can’t reach you. Ask us questions, let us know how you’re doing and stay in touch.

Stay away from credit cards.

Settlement is pointless if you’re settling one card while racking up debt on another. Superior is a sustainable debt relief program—we want to be a solution, not a band-aid. Learning to live without credit is key to changing spending habits and living in financial freedom for life.

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