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Why Choose Superior Debt Relief

OUR MISSION: To expertly, professionally and ethically assist YOU, our valued client, to live a debt-free life!

Since 1998, Superior Debt Services has been helping people become debt free by providing credit counseling services and consolidation programs.

Superior's consultants are thoroughly trained in negotiation and up to date on settlement matters by being required to achieve certification through Arbitrain Training Systems and the IAPDA, the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Superior strives to be the most accurate and honest debt settlement and credit counseling company in the industry. Learn more about what benefits you can expect from a settlement strategy.

We are devoted to helping you to become debt free and getting you on the road to financial freedom.

Debt Settlement is completely honorable, legal and ethical. Through this program, you will pay your debts. You will just pay them off faster and at more of a convenience to you. The length of our program is 12-36 months depending on your circumstances.

Debt consolidation services usually work for your creditors, earning a percentage of what you pay to your creditors. In most cases, you will be expected to pay 100% of your debt, plus interest, by making smaller payments over a longer time period. Because consolidation companies make their money by earning a percentage of the amount you pay your creditors, their incentive is to get you to pay 100% of your debt, rather than to try a settlement strategy with your creditors.

ü At Superior, our advisors work for you by negotiating a settlement of your debt - usually at 50 cents on-the-dollar.

ü We are not a debt "consolidation" service. Debt "consolidators" have a different consolidation program where will loan you money (and charge interest) to "consolidate" your balances, and you will pay off your debt at 100% of the amount owed, sometimes including late fees and additional interest. At Superior, you can reduce your balances for significantly less than you currently owe. Find out how credit card settlement works!

We work with the motive of providing a professional counseling service to save you from getting into a consolidation program that invite further problems.

ü We are a Debt Negotiation Organization that requires all of our Debt Consultants and Negotiators to be accredited through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). All of our debt negotiation officers are also tested and certified by Arbitrain Training Systems.

ü We are proud members of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. We are also members of the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives.

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